New at The Barn Journal for 2000


December 12th

Happy Holidays from The Barn Journal!

There are two new items of interest in The Barn Journal.  First, we have a new featured barn, The McLean Barn in Boiling Springs, Pennsylvania.  See the Featured Barns section for that story.  Second, we have an article about Harley Warrick, the famed Mail Pouch sign painter.  Mr. Warrick passed away in November.  You can find that story in the Barn People section.


October 21st

The Barn Ads section has a listing for a unique cruck framed barn in France.  Cruck framing is the use of timbers having a natural curve as the vertical uprights, which forms a gothic profile.  Cruck framing was more common in Medieval-era barns, before sawing.

The webmaster of The Barn Journal apologizes for the recent lack of updates to certain sections of the site, particularly Barn Ads.  The webmaster recently moved the update system for the site to a new location, which resulted in the delay in posting new material.  Any listings submitted before today should now be posted.  If your posting is still missing, please contact  Thank you for your patience.


August 3rd

A new listing in the Barn Art section of Barn Resources highlights the limited edition barn prints of Aivars Gangis.  The prints include drawings of the famous Star Barn in Pennsylvania and a Mail Pouch barn.

A new section of Barn Ads has been added: Items Wanted for Barn Restoration.


July 7th

The latest featured barn is the Preston barn in Douglas County, Washington.  Read about the barn and its preservation in the Featured Barns section.


June 11th

Forbes magazine has printed part of The Barn Journal's response to their article "Barn Again" in their May 29th issue.  See the May 1st update (below) for more information.

This Saturday in Iowa!  Tour the 1883 Secrest Octagonal Barn in West Branch, IA on June 17.  Old time fiddle music and a barbecue.  Come and discuss your project with other barn enthusiasts!  Contact Rich Taylor at 319.643.2260 or, or the Johnston County Historical Society at 319.351.5738 for more information.

Also this Saturday in Iowa, be on hand for opening of the restored Nims Barn in Montgomery County.  The Montgomery County History Center has the restored 1884 Nims barn as a three-season museum of southwest Iowa agriculture.  See or contact Bettie McKenzie at

"Have you ever been inside an old barn…when the wind outside is howling?"  Read about the Frydenlund Round Barn in St.Croix County, WI at


May 23rd

Two city barns are scheduled to be demolished in mid-June unless they are purchased.  One barn is in Cincinnati, and the other is in New York City.  For more information, see the ads in the Barn Ads section under Ohio and New York.  With your help, these barns can be saved.


May 1st

From the May 1st issue of Forbes magazine: "Admirers insist America's barns are an endangered national treasure.  They make really nice end tables, too."  Read the full text of the article at this link: "Barn Again" by Bruce Upbin.

This is what almost one million Forbes subscribers are reading.  What do you think?  Post your reaction to the Barn Guestbook.  The editor of The Barn Journal has responded with a letter to the editor of Forbes.

There are also several new resources in the Books and Articles and Video sections of Barn Resources, including:

  • Barns Researched, Restored and Resurrected Using Ancient Raising Methods by Richard W. Babcock
  • "Bringing Back a B.A.R.N.", a video from the Genoa Historical Association
  • How to Build and Love Your Own Round Barn from The Round Barn Farm (WI)
  • Michigan's Heritage Barns, by Mary Keithan
  • "A Pastoral Preserve Faces the Future" in Smithsonian Magazine by Chris Granstrom


April 20th

The Barn Contractors listing now includes a special listing for companies who offer barn blueprints and custom designs.


March 21st

The Barn Journal is featured in "5001 Cool Site for Kids", a collection of educational Web site links.  Visit Cool School Media Productions for more information.


March 1st

Read about our newest featured barn, The Boulard Barn, in the Featured Barns section.  This barn is the Michigan Barn Preservation Network's Barn of the Year for 1999.

We also have a story on a special round barn, Ryan's Round Barn, in the Round Barns section.

The annual meeting of the Michigan Barn Preservation Network is coming Saturday, March 11th.