A barn star with missing pieces, Route 160, Roxbury, PA, August 2000.

Old Route 220, Bedford County, PA, January 1998.

A magnificent barn still sheltering livestock, south of Berlin, PA.

Pennsylvania Turnpike at Mile Post 129.4, May 1999.

A well-maintained gambrel with a very shallow pitch; this barn may have once had a gable roof. Route 56 south of Fishertown, October 1995.

This barn has similar gable end detail to the "Ghost" barn and "missing pieces" barn... the same builder? Route 160 north of Roxbury, PA.

SR 2019 South of Zion Church, Somerset County, PA, May 1992.

Architectural exuberance! Off Route 601 near Boswell and Jerome, PA, June 1999.

Route 96, Buffalo Mills, PA, August 2000.