Photos by Dennis Hamlin

Colorado photographer Dennis Hamlin specializes in documenting the barns
and ghost towns of the Great Plains.
Visit his web site,

Could be a House Barn
Erie CO
More Windows on the
Shady Side
Forlorn on the Colorado Prairie Greeley CO Combination Barn and Grain Elevator Platteville CO Hay Hood Reminiscent of a Ships Prow Keenesburg CO
1903 Barn with Poured Concrete Silo Brighton CO Brick Barn with Attractive Details Stars Appear to Indicate
Tension Rods
These Western Barns Have Horizonital Siding Barn Lost in 2000 for Highway Thorton CO
Castellated Tile Silo
Brighton CO
Enlarged Door is to Allow
Tractor Storage
1910 Showplace
Brighton CO