Photos from the Farmers' Market at The Red Mill
Photos by John Franks, Summer 2001


Dear visitors,

After seeing the results of Charles and Edward Leik's restoration of The Red Mill, Madeline and I knew we had to "show it off"; we wanted the Portland Community to see what the Leik brothers had done.

The Red Mill was the place generations of Portland farmers had come with their harvests and where they had prepared rations for their livestock, especially for the cold winter months. The Mill was more than a business, it was where farmers discussed milk prices, tax assessments and national politics; it was where they interacted with their neighbors.

Madeline and I thought a Farmers Market at the Mill was the ideal place where Portland residents could again sell their harvests of vegetables and fruits for the winter ahead. What a neat place for Portland folks to meet and chat like long ago!

Our plan is to open the Farmers Market on Saturdays between mid-June and close in mid-October. The following photos are from 2001, our first season. We invite you to come and see the Mill, visit with friendly people and purchase quality locally grown produce.


Rosemary Neller & Madeline Franks


Photos — click each image to see a larger version

Posted October 4, 2002