This drawing was done in 1978 and is marked "Line Lexington, PA." It took a bit of sleuthing to learn about the barn's location and history. Sidney's daughter, Arlene, visited the Bucks County Historical Society located on the 3rd floor of the famous Mercer Museum in Doylestown, PA. There she was fortunate in finding retired farmer, Clarence Ruth, age 76, who excitedly identified the barn as, "That's Phil Swartley's place... used to be called Pleasant Hill. My place was across the road." Ruth remembered that the low building on the left side of the drawing replaced a larger barn that burned in the 1960s.

Both Swartley's and Ruth's land had once been part of a 315 acre estate owned by Charles Geikler in the 1920s. Geikler raised rabbits, sheep, and beef cattle for his butcher shop in nearby Philadelphia. Geikler was forced to sell portions of his estate during the Great Depression and that is when Ruth's father Isaac bought the acreage which Clarence inherited in 1972, and which was sold to developers in the late 80s.

Swartley bought his parcel after WWII and raised beef cattle before his death 20 years ago. Today the barns no longer house livestock and the land is used for hay production.

Incidentally, Clarence Ruth's family emigrated to Pennsylvania in the 18th century from Switzerland and claim baseball great Babe Ruth as part of their family tree.