Barn Guestbook Archive: June - September 1998

Fred email me! - Monday, June 15, 1998 10:00:38 PM
You know, there is nothing I really enjoy like a good, old-fashioned barn. If only there were more barns in the world. GOD I LOVE BARNS!!!!

Judy email me! - Tuesday, June 16, 1998 05:23:05 PM
I grew up in Iowa and didn't know how much I liked barns until I moved to the south and drove back from time to time. I want to build a barn/storage building on my nearly one acre yard and I am SOOOOOOOO pleased to find these links. Thanks!

Glenn, Village Lily Lake, IL. email me! - Wednesday, June 17, 1998 12:13:30 AM
Village interested in hearing about others who have authentically restored and converted a barn into an alternate use. Lily Lake is currently beginning a long term project to adapt an 1890's gambrel style dairy barn into a unique and inviting Municipal Center where it will serve as gathering place, Village Hall, perhaps Post Office, Branch Library, Day Care Center or whatever our residents desire! For more info, email or leave message w/ Glenn Bork Village President, at current Lily Lake Village Hall (630) 365-9677

Marianne Nelson email me! - Wednesday, June 17, 1998 12:10:10 PM
I am working with a group that wants to preserve the only 16-sided barn in Illinois, the Teeple Barn in Elgin at I-90 and Randall Road. We are particularly interested in why 16 sides. We know that George Washington built one, and there others. An architect, W.W. Abel, designed this barn and it was built in 1885 as a dairy barn. It does not have a central silo; instead a very interesting haylifting device. It is 85 ft. in diameter and is balloon framed. We will be putting up a home page soon. Would be interested in communicating with anyone with info on 16-sided barns.

Max Baumgardner email me! - Saturday, July 04, 1998 10:05:16 PM
I have converted our barn into our home and we intend to live here for the rest of our lives! I'd be very happy to coach other people in how they can convert their barns. I'm a retired mechanical engineer and love barns.

Annette email me! - Tuesday, July 28, 1998 09:49:55 AM
An excellent site. My brother and his sons purchased land for hunting with an old barn. Since they bought the barn, they have completely remodeled it into a wonderful hide-away and hunting camp. All the bunks are homemade and there are two full baths. Upstairs there is a basketball court, game/sleeping room and deck.

steven email me! - Tuesday, August 11, 1998 08:14:13 PM
I have a century old barn in Pembroke NY and invite anyone who might be in my area (east of Buffalo) to stop and visit. I am presently renovating the structure. It is so cool- it's a split level, post and beam, with four levels sitting on a stone foundation. 102 x 40 feet and over 50 feet high to the peak. What a great project. My labor of love- or is that love of labor?

Roy and Ruth Rummel email me! - Saturday, August 15, 1998 01:51:46 PM
We have moved a barn, 10 miles to it's present location in the countryside of northern Il. The farm was purchased by my Grandfather in 1927(not a good year to buy a farm) He was able to hold on durning the depression and I inherited it in 1983. My husband and I have always wanted to own our own business and now we do. Rummel's Barn is a full service florist, antiques, gifts and a cafe, all in the 1890's German Barn that we moved onto the farm. We live in half the second and all the third floor of the Barn, with a magificiant view of the fields and praires of the midwest. The Barn is a wonderful piece of articultre, with the post and beams and pegs that have survived many a storm. The orginal haymow floor is the main floor now, if only it could talk. The hay track hangs in it's orginal state on the third floor. Too much to tell.....stop by and see for yourself. Midwest Living Magazine is considering us for a feature, I'll keep you posted. Thanks for a wonderful site. Ruth

Kay Wheeler email me! - Wednesday, September 09, 1998 12:14:29 AM
I have several old buildings on my property in Manchester, MI. The main jewel is a beautiful 130ft barn. My research indicates at one time it was the 3rd largest dairy farm in Michigan. I am interested in preserving it, although it is currently in disrepair. I have limited funds and information as to how to go about this. I believe the carriage house may be beyond repair. I also have a windmill I am interested in restoring. Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated. My dreams for the buildings are larger than my bank account!

Michael Creamer email me! - Wednesday, September 23, 1998 06:30:14 PM
I grew up in northern Michigan on the Leelanua peninsula with a natural color siding on our family barn. I have always enjoyed red barns myself. I had always heard that red was the most prevalent cheap paint and therefor became a standard in American barns. I have witnessed orange, white, black and yellow barns as well as I traveled around this great country.


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